We went down to Brevard for the 4th of July celebration and saw this little guy checking out one of the antique cars.
When we returned to BG, I took the camera out for a little bit and got this shot of one of our daylilies.
Sara and Ed came up to the house Friday afternoon. They brought with them some good steaks and really good wine. So with the steak, wine, hash browns and Tommy’s blackberry cobbler we were stuffed!

Hall came up on Saturday morning and joined us all for bacon and french toast and for a group picture.

We had originally planned on heading home tomorrow, but may decide to spend one more day here. It’s so nice to be away from the heat and traffic of home.

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  1. Good looking crowd! Do Dad and Uncle Ed have the EXACT same pair of glasses? Seamus says Bubba’s ears look kinda short.

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