February 8, 2018

This sure is a boring time of year. It’s either too cold or too rainy to get out and do anything…if we could find something.

We do have a lot of bluebirds hanging out around here. I just need to figure out the best time to be outside to get them with the camera.

January 21, 2018

It was a beautiful weekend here.I walked around outside thinking I might want to photograph some birds. Unfortunately there were very few to be seen. So I decided I would clean out the bird boxes. Wow! They were stuffed full. I don’t know how a bird could have even gotten inside them.

Anyhow, since I didn’t have any birds to shoot I decided to take a picture of one of the boxes. It’s now clean and waiting for a new family.

January 13, 2018

Amanda, Evan and Miss B were supposed to have flown to Atlanta on Wednesday. Amanda was going to work Career Day at Darlington on Friday. Unfortunately, Miss B got sick at school on Monday. She was vomiting and running a fever. We were all hoping it was a 24 hour bug. But, as things happen, whatever she had–the flu–was passed on to her mom and dad. So they had to cancel their trip.

I had ordered tickets for Amanda, Evan, Miss B, Hall and me to go to the Georgia Aquarium while they were here. Hall and I decided to go ahead without them. Then we found out that Molly would be in town and would be coming with us. Yay! We got there about 9:45 Saturday morning. I had booked their Behind the Seas Tour for 10:30. We walked around until it was time for the tour. We actually got to watch the whale sharks being fed. Nature in all its many forms is pretty amazing.




January 8, 2018

This past week was a time for resting up from the holidays and our trip to Laramie for Christmas. It’s getting harder for us to make the trip in two days. And because of the weather this time of year, we don’t get off the interstate and wander.

On Friday we went for my 6 month check-up. We were both a bit nervous, but the news was good. My breathing, according to them, was excellent. The doctor also said that there was slow progression. Yay!

Today is Bubba’s 10th birthday. He is such a funny boy. Some people think he’s crazy because he gets so excited when company comes. But after a few minutes he settles down.


January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

This is a strange day for us. For the past 40 years or so (we’re really not sure when this started), we have had people come over to eat, drink and watch college football bowl games. Somewhere along the way, we got too old to want to drink much or eat much. And then TV has really messed up football watching. It used to be such fun to have two or three televisions on so we could keep up with all of the games. Tommy and I did make cheese dip though. 🙂

Catching Up

The flowers were once again blooming in the yard.
DSC_0035_forWeb DSC_5619_forWeb DSC_9609_forWeb
We had a party so close family and friends could meet Miss B. Amanda’s high school friends, the Gordons, came with their daughter.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stay longer than two weeks with the kids. Tommy and Bubba came and got me and we headed home. Before we left though I was able to take lots of pictures of Miss B.

DSC_5004  DSC_5030_forWeb DSC_5025_forWeb  DSC_5241_forWebDSC_5060Nap time!

DSC_5380_forWebMiss B got to meet her Uncle Hall!


We were expecting Camper to make her appearance on or around May 4. Well, she had another thought. She arrived on April 16 in the middle of a snowstorm. What a way to come in!