Utah Trip 2018 – Day 3

Monday, May 7, 2018

We left Grand Junction at 9:20 AM after getting breakfast and filling up the truck. We were heading to Capitol Reef National Park to meet up with the kids who were driving down from Salt Lake City. Some of the sights from Grand Junction to Capitol Reef:

We got to the Visitors’ Center first and sat outside and waited for them. It was a delightful day, although a little warm. While waiting for them, I took a few pictures.

When the kids arrived, we went to the campground and found a picnic table and ate lunch.

We then went to the Gifford Homestead to get some pies. We bought cherry, apple, peach and mixed berry pies and a loaf of sourdough bread. Best cherry pie ever!

Evan and Miss B filled up with water while we were at the homestead and we checked out the horses.

We then drove the Capitol Reef Gorge trail. Everyone but me hiked the trail in to see the petroglyphs, pioneer register and tanks.

It was a long, fun day with beautiful sights. We then drove about an hour to Escalante to check into the house that we rented for the week.

Utah Trip 2018 – Day 2

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Our second day is always more fun than the first because we get out of the congestion and traffic of the east and we are off of the interstate or seeing things we don’t normally see. We left the hotel at 8:15 AM, filled up the truck, got breakfast and headed west. Although we were traveling on I70, we were on the lookout for churches, barns or anything else of interest. Since it’s flat in Kansas, we were able to see the steeples for these churches.

Sacred Heart Parish
Park, KS

St. Mary’s Church
Ellis, KS

St. Fidelis Church
Cathedral of the Plains
Victoria, KS

St. Ann’s Catholic Church
Walker, KS

Somewhere in eastern Colorado we saw this plane flying low. We thought he was probably cropdusting, but I never saw any spray. He was pretty low when he flew over us.

We stopped in Aurora to get gas, ice and lunch. Had to fortify ourselves to get through Denver. There was lots of traffic but it kept moving. Once we were west of Denver the ooohhhs and aaahhhs started.

We finally got to the Courtyard in Grand Junction at 9:00 PM. Once again we were too tired to get back in the truck to get dinner so we ate at the hotel.

Utah Trip 2018 – Day 1

Saturday, May 5, 2018

We left the house at 5:45 AM. Because the house we rented does not allow dogs, we left Bubba and Lucy with my cousin Sue. Our plan was to get to Lawrence, Kansas, for the first night. Traffic wasn’t too bad, but the weather in Nashville looked ominous.

We didn’t see much to take pictures of so I shot a couple of bridges.

This is the bridge over the Ohio River between Kentucky and Illinois.

The Stan Musial bridge between Illinois and Missouri. When this bridge was built it changed our route around St. Louis. So we no longer go by the Arch. I kinda miss it.

We got to the Doubletree in Lawrence at 7:15 PM. We checked in and, because neither one of us wanted to get back in the truck, we ate at the hotel.

Miles driven – 825.

April 27, 2018

I went to my friend’s house to shoot birds. I love the setup she has.  The birds hardly know we’re there.

After shooting at Linda’s house and watching her and our friend Nina shoot, I came home and practiced my bird shooting. I wanted to focus and action shots. However, getting up close is always fun.

And, my very favorite…so far:

April 24, 2018

I love our road trips! But sometimes it’s nice to just go outside in our yard and sit. And if I’m going to do that, I might as well have my camera with me. This little guy just hovered not far from me. It was almost as if he wanted me to take his picture.

When I walked outside through the garage, I heard a bird making a heck of a noise. I looked up and saw the source on the weathervane. He may have been singing, “rain, rain go away…”

And some more bird pictures:

Beatrice Turns 5 – Day 8

Saturday, April 21, 2018

The last day of every trip is always the worst. Not only are we tired, but the excitement of going on a road trip is gone. We left the hotel at 6:48 AM. We do get to see some pretty cool sunrises on our travels.

We arrived home at 6:45 PM–total of 3340 miles driven. It was a lovely 71 degrees when we got home. It was fun to be with Beatrice on her birthday, but it was good to be home.

Now to get ready for our next trip. Utah, here we come!

Beatrice Turns 5 – Day 7

Friday, April 20, 2018

We left Laramie at 7:45 AM–it was 36 degrees and cloudy. Sometimes when I can’t sleep or I’m bored while riding, I look for things to take pictures of while driving 75 MPH. Not easy. On this morning we saw a thunderstorm with lightning off to the south. I was shocked that I was able to get some flashes of lightning.


We drove through the Squaw Creek Wildlife Preserve once again hoping to see more than when we had gone through a week earlier. We saw an eagle sitting in her nest. You can barely see the top of the head of one of her babies. A couple who stopped while I was taking pictures said they had seen three babies. We also saw lots of snow geese and a great big hawk.

We had wanted to get to Columbia for the night but the Drury Inn was full. So we ended our day at the Drury Inn in Independence at 7:00 PM. We were tired and neither of us wanted to get back in the truck to go get dinner. We ate at the hotel–yuck. But the Bloody Mary was good. 🙂

Beatrice Turns 5 – Day 6

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Tommy, Evan and I got up early and left the house at 5:45. We drove about 80 miles (half of which was on a dirt road) to find a Sage Grouse lek. These birds are so funny during the mating season. For a bird who looks like an average bird while flying, the males sure do puff up when trying to catch a female’s attention.

On our way to find the sage grouse, I asked Tommy to stop the truck so that I could get a picture of the beautiful sky.



Beatrice Turns 5 – Day 5

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

We drove over to Curt Gowdy State Park. Not much to see there this time of year so we came back to Vedauwoo which was closed. But we did find this Mountain Bluebird. He and his mate were not at all nervous about us being close to them. It looked like they were posing for us.

When we got home, we walked across the street to Huck Finn Pond to watch the seagulls. There are two that appear to be there year round. It’s fun to watch them fly and then dive into the water to get food.

Beatrice Turns 5- Day 4

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tuesday morning was cold and windy, but we decided to go for a ride anyway. We drove out towards the Snowies but did not get too far past Centennial before the road was closed. I had Tommy stop so that I could get a picture of the Arthur sign.

We then headed over to Woods Landing to see if we could find the bald eagle in the big nest we’d seen before. Sure enough, the eagle was sitting in the nest and it started snowing pretty heavily as I tried to get a picture. The snowflakes were large enough that my camera wanted to focus on them rather than the eagle.