2018 Road Trip – Day 23

Saturday, August 25

We all jumped in the truck and went to the Snowies for a picnic lunch.

On the way out, Evan saw three moose. Of course we had to turn around to take pictures. 🙂

It was a bit chilly when we got to Mirror Lake so we didn’t stay long.

This place is perfectly beautiful!

On our way back to town I watched as the clouds kept building. It’s so cool to be able to see the rain clouds form. I love Wyoming skies!

When we got home, we had to pack and get ready to head home the next morning.

2018 Road Trip – Day 22

Friday, August 24

Another day, another drive.This time we drove to Vedauwoo. Such cool rock formations here. Unfortunately, when we got there and started to drive the dirt road it was way too rough. So we decided to go look for eagles again.

On the way out we drove up to Lake Owen and saw some more fire damage. While we were out, the skies turned from perfectly blue to smoky again.

The eagle and the crow. This photo makes me chuckle. 🙂


2018 Road Trip – Day 21

Thursday, August 23

The Big Day–Miss B goes to Kindergarten! Amanda, Evan, Tommy and I all took Miss B to school. I may have been the only who cried. It was certainly a bittersweet moment. Funny how I cried about Miss B going to Kindergarten but didn’t cry when Amanda and Hall went.

2018 Road Trip – Day 20

Wednesday, August 22

We decided to try the Sand Creek Road again since it looked like we had beautiful weather. I do love the Wyoming skies!

Hawk or juvenile eagle?

We got to Camel Rock and I just couldn’t get a good picture of it. However, I did look down the road and saw a gorgeous view.

Some more beautiful skies.

We kept driving past where we had stopped in the past. Eventually we found that we were going in a big circle. On the way we saw this longhorn with the funny horns.

And a red barn. 🙂

We circled on around and came out at Woods Landing. We planned on heading back to Laramie but saw a road that we had never driven before. So we turned. This is a picture of more of the damage from the Badger Creek fire.

What a great day it was!

At dinner, the girls showed us how they could curl their tongues. 🙂


2018 Road Trip – Day 19

Tuesday, August 21

We’d already been out Highway 230 to Woods Landing and Highway 130 to the Snowy Range so what was next? Sand Creek Road! Once we got on the dirt road we saw that the weather didn’t look too good where we were headed.

But just a few minutes down the road we saw an eagle and decided to keep going for as long as we could.

I remember when we first started traveling out west I loved seeing the windmills. I still do but I don’t get many pictures of them anymore.

Another eagle! 🙂

We were headed to Camel Rock but when we saw a bolt of lightning (probably the most impressive one I’ve ever seen), we turned around.

Tommy was impressed with this fence.

I was impressed with this sky.

Almost back to the main road we saw this hawk.

I’ve seen this old sign for years. Each time I thought I should get a picture of it before it’s torn down. This time I did.




2018 Road Trip – Day 18

Monday, August 20

The kids were off to work and school again so Tommy, Bubba and I drove out to the Snowy Range.

When we left the Snowy Range, we went to look for eagles. We saw hawks instead–but still pretty cool!

Swainson’s hawk

2018 Road Trip – Day 15

Friday, August 17

While the kids were at work and school, we decided to ride out and see the remains from the Badger Creek fire in northern Colorado. The skies were smoky again.

Some of the aftermath of the Badger Creek fire in northern Colorado. While it is now fully contained, there are still many hotspots. It was interesting to me that so many of the aspen trees did not burn even though they were right next to the pines. Their white bark is a sharp contrast to the burned black pines.

We then turned around and turned on the Woods Landing Road. When we saw these horses, we pulled over and the dark brown horse came over to us. Notice her cross? The blond one was in the road grazing and didn’t really care that we were there.

And we visited this barn again.

On the way back out to the main road, we turned and drove up the Laramie River Overlook Road.

Back on Highway 230.

Before heading back to the house we went looking for eagles.



2018 Road Trip – Day 13

Wednesday, August 15

We left the Best Western at 10:40 AM. It was 64 degrees and clear. Because I wanted something different for breakfast, we stopped at a small cafe in Sheridan. Tommy got a cinnamon roll and a pecan roll. The cinnamon roll had absolutely no taste and the pecan roll was stale. So we circled around and went to the Silver Skillet. Tommy got me another cinnamon roll. While the first few bites were pretty good, I found a hair baked in it. Yuck. Should have just gone for the usual McDonald’s.

Leaving Sheridan we saw this banner. Unfortunately (or maybe not), we were going to miss this festival.

On our way to Laramie we drove I90 to Gillette and then south. Along the way we saw these osprey and a jackalope.

Looking at the map when we got close to Douglas we saw that we were pretty close to the Ayres Natural Bridge. It’s a nice little park and would be a great place to picnic but pets aren’t allowed.

We drove through Sybille Canyon hoping to see some wildlife. Nope.

We got to Laramie at 6:20 PM.
4806 miles driven