2019 Moab Trip – Day 9

Saturday, March 23

We left the hotel at 9:15. It was 43 degrees and misting. We drove to Damar to take pictures of St. Joseph Catholic Church. We had been there before, but this time we were going inside. Before we got to Damar we saw this church.

Sacred Heart Parish
Park, KS
St. Joseph Catholic Church Damar, KS One of my favorite churches we’ve seen on our trips.

After spending some time taking pictures and marveling at the beauty both inside ¬†and outside of this church, we got back on the road and headed east. We got to Warrenton, MO, filled up the truck and got a room at the Holiday Inn Express. Dinner was from Imo’s Pizza.

Total miles driven – 3410

2019 Moab Trip – Day 6

Wednesday, March 20

When we were still at home planning our trip I wanted to do something we had not yet done. A friend had taken one of the jet boat tours when they were in Moab and it looked like fun. So I scheduled us for a Moab Jet Scenic tour. It was a 3 hour trip on the Colorado River.

Since our boat tour wasn’t until the afternoon, we went climbing. Well, the kids went climbing as Tommy and I watched.

We were all supposed to go on the boat tour but Miss B wasn’t feeling well so we left her and Amanda at the condo.

According to our guide, the river was low so we weren’t able to see/do some things that we might have. But it was enjoyable to see the scenery from the river.

2019 Moab Trip – Day 4

Monday, March 18

While some lazy butts stayed in bed, Tommy, Hall and I drove out to Arches to watch the sunrise. Amazing!

It was cold!

As we were heading back we got a call to join the others for breakfast. I’m not sure who selected the place (probably Evan), the choice was excellent! My Swedish Pancakes were delicious!

After breakfast we went out to the Dinosaur Museum. Lots of dinosaurs out there.

We then went back to the condo and rested before going out for birthday dinner.

When we got home, we had birthday cake. It was the prettiest, most delicious cake anyone had ever made for me. Thanks Evan!

2019 Moab Trip – Day 2

Saturday, March 16

We left the hotel at 8:55, it was 28 degrees and clear. We were going to pick up Hall at the Denver airport and then drive to Eagle, CO, and meet with Amanda, Evan and Miss B. But we had a little bit of time to do some sightseeing on the way.

St. Ann Catholic Church
Walker, KS

We got to the Denver area about 4:45 and stopped to get gas before picking up Hall. Then it was on to Eagle on one of the prettiest drives you can take on an interstate.

We got to Eagle, checked into the Best Western and then went to Moe’s BBQ for dinner. It was pretty good.

Total miles driven – 1524

2019 Moab Trip – Day 1

At Christmas when we were together, we talked about taking another family trip. The one thing we wanted to work around was Miss B’s schedule. Now that she’s in school we have to check her schedule. So it was decided to go over Spring Break, the week of March 18. Then we had to decide on where to go. Too early for Yellowstone, Tommy and I poo-pooed Disney and/or the beach and we had been to Capitol Reef, Bryce and Zion the previous year. We talked about Moab/Arches, which Tommy and I both loved and thought the weather there would be decent that time of year. In addition, Hall had never been. So, Moab it was!

Tommy and I got up early and left the house at 5:25 on Friday, March 15. We left Bubba with Sue and Lucy and hit the road. Traffic was heavy and when we got to the Ohio River we saw lots of signs of flooding.

Our first stop for gas was in Warrenton, MO, at 3:00. Gas 32.7 gals = $75.28. We got to Kansas at 5:45 and kept going till we got to the Doubletree in Lawrence at 6:15. We had dinner at the hotel. Tommy ordered a Rye on Rye 6 brewed by Boulevard and said it was excellent.

Miles driven – 824.