2019 Road Trip – Day 2

Monday, August 12

We left St. Joe at 8:55 and headed north on I29. We wanted to go to Squaw Creek and see what was there. Unfortunately, we were only able to go a short distance before the road was closed. We didn’t see any birds, but we did see thousands of water lilies. What a sight it was!

When we were done there, we headed north again on I29. At Hwy. 2 we turned towards Nebraska and crossed over the Missouri River. The whole area around there was still flooded. There was road construction on Hwy. 2 all the way to the river. A lot of the businesses on that stretch of the road had suffered major destruction. Sad to see. We went back to I29 and headed north again.

North of Omaha we turned onto Hwy. 30 and went into Missouri Valley, IA. Just outside of Woodbine, we saw this grain elevator again but the town had added a purple cone flower. Not far up the road we stopped to get a shot of this girl and her dog. The girl was about 8-9′ tall. Tommy said it reminded him of when Biscuit chewed on Amanda’s Barbie dolls.

We continued on Hwy. 30 to Denison where we turned onto Hwy. 59.

We stopped at this pretty little park in Cherokee and had a picnic lunch.

A few minutes down the road — this was a “slam on your brakes and pull a u-turn” shot!

A church in Alton.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church

I do love seeing all of the unique things we see on our travels.

We got to the AmericInn in Worthington, MN, at 6:00. Dinner was from KFC.

Total miles driven – 1242



2019 Road Trip – Day 1

Sunday, August 11

We had enjoyed our road trip in 2018 so much that we decided we would go on another one this year. We made absolutely no plans whatsoever on where we would be going or for how long. We didn’t even decide when to leave until about a week ahead of time.

We left the house at 5:50 Sunday morning. At that point we decided to stay our first night in St. Joe, MO. We got to the Drury Inn around 6:45. It was probably the easiest trip we’d ever had getting to St. Joe. Dinner was BBQ salads from Bandana’s. Yum!

Total miles driven – 840

No pictures taken this day.

Old House, Old Furniture – Days 1 & 2

Saturday, July 13

We left home at 5:11 on Saturday morning. We were pulling a U-Haul full of furniture and stuff to go to Amanda and Evan’s new/old house. This was furniture that had been in Tommy’s mom’s, and some in his grandmother’s, houses. We were glad that they had moved to a larger house and could use the furniture. We knew we would be going at a slower pace and would not be doing any sightseeing on the trip out.

We stopped in Columbia, MO, for the night. Stayed at the Drury Inn and had salads for dinner from Fridays.

We left the hotel at 6:05 hoping it would be an uneventful trip to Laramie. We got to town about 8:00 and were so glad to be able to get rid of the trailer.

July 6, 2019

We usually go to Balsam Grove for the 4th of July, however since we were planning on driving out to Laramie soon after that we stayed home. We were going to take furniture out to Laramie for the kids’ new house.

Tommy researched having the furniture shipped to Laramie. When he realized we could move it for about $3,000 cheaper by renting a U-Haul trailer, that’s what he decided to do. That meant that he’d have to pack the trailer…with some help from Steve Gustin and Bubba.

Before we left town, I went out and took some more flower and bird pictures.