Beatrice Turns 5 – Day 3

Monday, April 16, 2018

It’s so hard for me to believe that our baby is now 5. Where did the time go? It seems as if it was only yesterday we were on our way to Laramie to find out if Camper was a boy or girl. While Beatrice was sleeping, Amanda hung streamers from her doorway as they used to do for the girls at Darlington.

After breakfast, Amanda, Evan, Miss B and I went to the school where B will be going to school in the Fall. She is registered in the Spanish Immersion program. That should be quite interesting.

Dinner choice was Miss B’s. She said she wanted some Mac & Cheese and decided she wanted to go to Born in a Barn. I was glad that she chose that restaurant as it is one of my favorites.



Beatrice Turns 5 – Day 2

Sunday, April 15, 2018

We left the hotel at 8:10 AM. It was 26 degrees, windy and blowing snow.

We decided to ride through the Squaw Creek Wildlife Preserve which is just two miles off of I29 north of St. Joe. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to see.

We stopped when we got off of I29 to get gas in Percival. When Tommy got back in the truck after filling up he said he thought with wind chill it felt like 2 degrees. Sure enough, it was.

Since we were driving straight to Laramie, we did not get off of the interstate. However, as traffic was slowed/stopped due to construction on I80 we did see thousands of sandhill cranes taking a break from their migration north. Pretty impressive sight!

We got to Laramie at 7:10 PM.

Beatrice Turns 5 – Day 1

Saturday, April 14, 2018

We left home at 5:40 AM. As we’ve done in the past, we stopped at McDonald’s at I75 to get breakfast. It took forever to get our food. We’ve never had a problem with this place before.

When we got right outside of Nashville we hit quite a rainstorm and had to slow down to 35 MPH. It was unfortunate since traffic was light. According to the radar map we would be driving in rain for a while.

It sure was a dreary day but it’s easier on the eyes than having the sun shining brightly.

Bridge over the Ohio River connecting Kentucky and Illinois.

We stopped at a rest area just east of St. Louis and ate lunch. Ham salad and chicken salad from Honey Baked Ham. Yum!

Since Missouri built a new bridge, we don’t get close enough for me to take pictures of the Arch. So instead, I take pictures of the new bridge.









We arrived at the Drury Inn in St. Joe at 6:50 PM. It was 39 degrees with light rain. The forecast for the next day was iffy. After getting settled in, Tommy went to Bandana’s BBQ for our dinner. Their BBQ meat (we get chicken and pork) salads are really yummy!


April 13, 2018

Spring in the South brings blooms (even weeds are pretty), birds and beautiful colors.

I was invited to go to my friend’s house to shoot her bluebirds. Linda has a great setup and I was excited to get these photos:

April 7, 2018

More bird pictures and a carpenter bee. I’m loving my new lens and Spring!

We went up to Balsam Grove for a few days so Tommy could start on replacing deck boards. Spring hadn’t quite gotten there.

March 29, 2018

Over the past week or so, I’ve been outside with my camera and new lens. It is quite relaxing just sitting waiting for the birds to appear.

Bubba and I spent some time enjoying the beautiful weather.


March 25, 2018

The family came over for our “sometimes annual” Tripoley game. Having the family together to play games Tripoley are some of my favorite memories growing up. This year we had Katie join us. She had come down to Atlanta for a dental hygienist conference and then came out and spent the night. 

March 16, 2018

Spring really is popping out here. Bubba and I walked around outside–me with my camera and him with his desire to roll around in the grass.
















Tommy and I sat out in the back yard waiting for bluebirds to show up. As we were sitting and enjoying the warm sunshine, I looked up and saw this airplane with its contrails. It looked like the plane is transparent–pretty spooky.