2019 Road Trip – Day 8

Sunday, August 18

We checked out of the hotel at 9:35. It was 47 degrees and clear. A little cool but actually felt pretty good for the middle of August. We filled up the truck with gas and then went looking for a grocery store. We needed Dr. Pepper, DBs and sticks. We got breakfast sandwiches from CC’s Cafe. While they were pretty good, the food was not quite as good as dinner the night before.

These were in Circle, MT.

At Fort Peck we pulled into a parking lot to look at the lake. Tommy got out of the truck while Bubba and I stayed inside. When Tommy got back in he told me he’d seen something big fly overhead. We couldn’t find anything so got back on the road. Very shortly after that I looked up to see this osprey with his lunch at the top of a power pole.

I believe I’ve said it before…Montana is not all mountains.

Grain elevators and combines!

Much to my disappointment, we did not see many bald eagles on our trip. However, we did see these two sitting in a tree together.

We stayed at the Comfort Inn in Shelby, MT. Tommy went across the road and got dinner for us from Clark’s Family Restaurant. It was OK.

Total miles driven – 3647


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