Wyoming Christmas & Boy or Girl?

We were invited (or did we invite ourselves??) to Wyoming for Christmas again. Of course, I always jump at a chance to visit Wyoming and the kids are so much fun to be with. This year was going to be even more exciting as we were going out a bit early to be with Amanda and Evan when they found out if Camper (the baby’s nickname for now) was a boy or girl.

Some photos from along the way:

As we were heading west on I80 we saw a bald eagle. He, or she, was sitting so elegantly on a branch in a tree and we pretty much all saw it at the same time. His white head really stood out. We drove past it and then Tommy turned around so we could go back and take some pictures. Unfortunately, as soon as we stopped on the side of the road and rolled the windows down, he took off. I really am thrilled when we’re able to see these eagles!

I love this old, old church on I80. Sure wish we could get up close to it to take some pictures.

When we got to Cheyenne, we saw this sign. Not too far down the road we saw the following sign. Guess they really meant it! 🙂

Cowboy Homecoming – Last Day

This post should really be named the “Train Post”. Last December when we were in Laramie we drove out towards Medicine Bow to look for trains. We found a couple of spots that we thought would be good vantage points, but with the snow on the ground we decided we would have to wait till summer or fall to drive to one of them.

We drove up to the top of a small bluff and the wind was howling–take a look at Bubba’s ears. 🙂

Thankfully we didn’t have to wait too long for a train to come.

And the last train for this trip.

I wonder what the fascination of trains is for me. I’m awfully lucky that Tommy is the same way!

Cowboy Homecoming – Day 6

Since Amanda and Evan had to go to work, Tommy, Bubba and I decided to drive up to the Snowy Range. Let me tell you…it was cold and the wind was howling! Tommy thinks that the winds were blowing at about 40 mph with higher gusts. I had taken my tripod along as I wanted to start practicing on taking panoramas. Probably not the thing to do when it’s so cold and windy. But, here’s my first attempt:

This was taken on the side of the road (Snowy Range Road) looking back at the Snowy Range. I LOVE this place!

Cowboy Homecoming – Day 5

We were planning on going to the Snowies, but my phone stopped working. I got on the phone with AT&T support and we went through several things to see if we could get it working. Nothing worked. The only reason I was concerned was the next day was the end of my 30 day return time. So we headed to Cheyenne instead. Wouldn’t you know it…when we got to the AT&T store the guy working there had no problem getting it turned on. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

Cowboy Homecoming – Day 4

The Big Day! The Homecoming Parade and the Football Game.

But first, as we were sitting and drinking coffee we looked outside and saw that it was raining. A few minutes later someone said it was snowing and sure enough:

After a while we bundled up and headed over to watch the parade. This is always so much fun to watch!

I wish I’d counted how many times people said, “What a cute dog!” while we were at the parade. And, he is awfully cute.

One of my favorite floats!

Do you think alcohol was involved here? The temperature was in the mid 30’s and it was windy. Crazy kids!

The game did not start until 5:00. It was pretty cold and very windy. Tommy and I stayed for the first half and everything looked good for the Cowboys. Unfortunately, they fell apart in the second half. I was mighty glad we had left as it had started to rain too.

Another fun Homecoming day at the University of Wyoming!

Cowboys Homecoming – Day 3

Day 3 was a day of rest and not much going on. Tommy and I went to the Prairie Rose for breakfast. If you’re ever in Laramie, you must go there and get their breakfast burrito. It is so very yummy! Plus, there’s so much you won’t have to eat for the rest of the day.

No pictures for this day.

Cowboys Homecoming – Day 2

Before we left home we had received an email from a fellow in Laramie regarding the Union Pacific 844 Steam Engine. He had sent out a schedule of its trip from Sacramento, CA to Cheyenne, WY running a big loop through Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas (not necessarily in that order). The schedule showed that it would be going through Laramie, WY the day before we were supposed to arrive. So we looked up the full schedule and found that we could catch up to it in Ogallala, NE.

Cowboys Homecoming – Day 1

It’s that time of year again. We get to go to Homecoming at the University of Wyoming and to visit Amanda, Evan, Moose, Molly, Penny and the latest foster basset Phoebe. The first day, while it is exciting to be on the road again, is always the hardest, longest and least fun.

Except for the traffic we ran into in Chattanooga, this was probably the easiest we’ve ever had. No traffic problems in Nashville, St. Louis or Kansas City. There were no photo ops along the way but I did get the usual “shoot the Arch while driving 65 mph”.

Looks like it’s time to update.

Tommy and I decided months ago that we wanted to go see Chipper Jones’ last regular season home game. We bought our tickets and even back in May we were unable to get good tickets next to each other. I was able to find tickets one in front of the other about 30 rows straight back from first base. The seats were good, the weather was pleasant and the Braves won. Yay!

It just won’t feel right without Chipper there.