Looks like it’s time to update.

Tommy and I decided months ago that we wanted to go see Chipper Jones’ last regular season home game. We bought our tickets and even back in May we were unable to get good tickets next to each other. I was able to find tickets one in front of the other about 30 rows straight back from first base. The seats were good, the weather was pleasant and the Braves won. Yay!

It just won’t feel right without Chipper there.

Is it Fall yet?

Most everything in the yard right now is looking tired. The beautiful flowers we had during the Spring and Summer are nearly gone. About the only things still in bloom are the dahlias. I did see this butterfly when I walked out to the patio this afternoon. So we do still have some color around!

The Sunflower Fields

Last weekend Tommy, Bubba and I drove up to the sunflower fields that are about 20-25 minutes from our house. It’s great to see these fields when they’re in bloom. There were some sunflowers that were wide open, but it looked as if a lot of them would be opening this past week. I wonder if I could convince the boys to go for another drive tomorrow??

Fireworks in the Mountains

How enjoyable it was being able to sit on the deck in my pj’s and watch the fireworks display put on by our little town. It is a small community, not even a stop light here, so it’s a wonder they can do this. They do a pretty good job!