Union Pacific’s 844 and 4014

Tommy had read that the Union Pacific’s steam engines 844 and the Big Boy 4014 would make a run from Cheyenne, Way to Ogden, UT celebrating the 150th anniversary of the transcontinental railroad. He really wanted to go but kept talking himself out of going. After some nudging, he agreed that the opportunity might not ever come again and we should go.

Our first day in Laramie we spent driving around looking for locations for viewing the train as it came through. We were totally amazed at how many people had come out to see the 844/4014 steaming through town.

While we were in Laramie Dennis and Ann were visiting from Council Bluffs. Perfect time to get grandparent pictures with Miss B.

Saying Goodbye

Tommy’s mom passed away on Monday, April 15. At 97, she’d lived a long, full life.

It took us a little time to get the grandkids all together for a funeral. On April 25, the funeral for Doris was held at Roswell Methodist Church. Amanda, Evan, Miss B, Hall, Molly and Abigail were all in attendance. We took the opportunity to take some family photos.

The Penn Cousins

2019 Moab Trip – Day 9

Saturday, March 23

We left the hotel at 9:15. It was 43 degrees and misting. We drove to Damar to take pictures of St. Joseph Catholic Church. We had been there before, but this time we were going inside. Before we got to Damar we saw this church.

Sacred Heart Parish
Park, KS
St. Joseph Catholic Church Damar, KS One of my favorite churches we’ve seen on our trips.

After spending some time taking pictures and marveling at the beauty both inside  and outside of this church, we got back on the road and headed east. We got to Warrenton, MO, filled up the truck and got a room at the Holiday Inn Express. Dinner was from Imo’s Pizza.

Total miles driven – 3410