2018 Road Trip – Day 15

Friday, August 17

While the kids were at work and school, we decided to ride out and see the remains from the Badger Creek fire in northern Colorado. The skies were smoky again.

Some of the aftermath of the Badger Creek fire in northern Colorado. While it is now fully contained, there are still many hotspots. It was interesting to me that so many of the aspen trees did not burn even though they were right next to the pines. Their white bark is a sharp contrast to the burned black pines.

We then turned around and turned on the Woods Landing Road. When we saw these horses, we pulled over and the dark brown horse came over to us. Notice her cross? The blond one was in the road grazing and didn’t really care that we were there.

And we visited this barn again.

On the way back out to the main road, we turned and drove up the Laramie River Overlook Road.

Back on Highway 230.

Before heading back to the house we went looking for eagles.



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