4th of July

I love this country. In spite of all the stupid stuff going on, I really, really love my country.

We went into town yesterday for the July 4th festivities. We walked up and down the streets and looked at all the baskets, paintings, photographs, jewelry, pottery, etc. We wound up buying a basket made by a lady from Kenya. It is really pretty. We then walked down to see the antique (or just old) cars. There were about 125 cars there and some pretty cool looking ones. After walking the streets, Tommy and I met JC and Cathy for lunch at Dugan’s Pub. Dugan’s has recently moved to their new space. While they have more space, it has the look of just another chain restaurant. It has lost it’s “pub” feeling. The fish and chips were still good though, and Tommy still enjoyed the Guinness.

Don’t you just love to people watch?

Some of the old (but not antique) cars.These are some of the beautiful baskets that the lady from Kenya made. You can see Tommy in the blue shirt paying for the one we bought.Ahhh…..the pleasure of an ice cream cone on a hot day!

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