A Birthday and a New Camera

I’ve been thinking about upgrading my camera for a while. So Tommy and I decided since this was a big birthday, I should go ahead and do it now. I’d been reading and waiting for Nikon to come out with their upgrades. They did–one that was totally out of my price range and the other was not quite as expensive but was a full frame. I just didn’t think that I wanted the full frame as I like the extra reach I get with my cropped frame camera. The one camera that I was hoping they’d be offering just hasn’t come out yet and I was told probably won’t until Christmas, if then. The D7000 that I did get has received rave reviews and I’ve played with one that a friend has. Now I have to learn where everything is on this new one.

Yesterday morning (my birthday) Tommy and I took Bubba for his walk. When we got home we went to the Waffle House for breakfast–great way to start the day, right? Then I went out to play. :) What better time to go out and play with a new camera than Spring in the South?

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