Berry College and the Photography Shootout

Yesterday my photography club participated in a shootout including about 10 or 11 other clubs. It was hosted by the Rome Photography Club at Berry College. What a wonderful setting for taking pictures. Unfortunately, the team that my cousin Sue and I were on was given the topic of silhouettes. Well first of all, with all the beautiful architecture at Berry, why would anyone want to take silhouettes?? Secondly, I’d never shot silhouettes and wasn’t really sure how to do it. The great thing about events like this is you can learn so much. I like to participate in these things more for the learning and the fun of being with others who love photography. So I’m not terribly disappointed when I don’t win anything. I did have one picture that made it to the first round. Our club won First place overall!

While we were out shooting for the competition, I decided to take photos for me as well. My father-in-law was raised in Rome and was a water boy during the construction of the Ford buildings. His grandfather was one of the subcontractors.

I sure wish they built buildings like these now.

DSC_7357-2  DSC_7217-4 



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