Day 1 – Wyoming Homecoming

I know it’s probably silly to a lot of people, but going to the University of Wyoming’s Homecoming makes me feel good. So when Amanda asked us to come out, we jumped on the invitation!

Our first day on the road is always the toughest as a lot of it is through traffic in cities of Chattanooga (morning rush hour), Nashville (traffic is always a bear), St. Louis (not too bad this year in spite of construction) and Kansas City (usually during rush hour-but we took the loop this year so not as bad). Our usual destination for the first day of travel is St. Joseph, MO. This is typically a 14 hour or so drive depending on how many bathroom and gas stops we have to make.

Some photos from the first day:

Love this bridge which is outside of Chattanooga.


Beginning of color on Monteagle.


The Arch in St. Louis.

We always see the coolest skies when we head west. These two were shot as we were traveling about 70 mph on Hwy. 70 through a dirty windshield. But you can certainly get the idea. Unfortunately, Tommy won’t stop for me every 15 minutes to jump out and take sunset photos. :)

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