Day 10 – We went to see Ian Tyson!

This was our last day of sightseeing as we headed home. We left Amanda, Evan, Moose, Molly and Penny (who was so glad to see us go) at 7:00 a.m. local time. Rather than heading straight home, we took a different route than we’d ever gone. At Cheyenne, we headed north on I25 up to Guernsey and then to Lusk. We got on 20 and went east through northern Nebraska before dropping down to I80 and the boring, interstate drive home.

We hit heavy fog when we got to Cheyenne.

After a while on I25 the sky cleared and we enjoyed some of the landscape.

Tommy wanted to see the Oregon Trail Ruts and we went through this state park thinking that’s where we would find the ruts and Registration Rock. It was a nice drive and the lake was pretty.

This sign is absolutely not needed for me! No way I’d be going in. :)

We finally found the Oregon Trail Ruts.

Tommy and Bubba are standing in the wagon wheel ruts. Every time I travel out west I gain more respect for those that traveled in wagons across the country. I cannot imagine the hardships they encountered.

Registration Rock is a sandstone rock where those who traveled west would carve their names. There were lots and lots of names, some were barely legible, some like the one below looked as if it was carved just recently.

Some windmills that we found along the way.

Some more landscape shots.

And what good is a post without a flower?

This is the last picture from our trip to Wyoming to see Ian Tyson. Bubba is a very good traveler, but he makes us laugh about how he sleeps while in the truck. I think you can see why!

We had an absolutely wonderful time on this road trip. It was lots of fun (as it always is) being with Amanda and Evan. We got to do and see lots while we were on this trip. I love going on these road trips as we are able to see life as others live. Not everyone has to fight traffic just to go to the grocery store. On the other hand, some have to drive at least 60-100 miles just to get to a grocery store.

Tommy and I will rest up from this trip and start planning the next. I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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  1. Hi Kennedy's Mom :) This is Kennedy's friend, Aimee. I was talking to Kennedy about how I felt like a bit of a stalker because I'll check out your blog to just look at the pictures. They are absolutely beautiful!

  2. I love getting comments. Thanks for letting me know you're checking out my photos.

    P.S. I check out your blog every now and then too. :)

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