Day 2, Part 2 – Going to see Ian Tyson!

When we got to Sidney, Nebraska, we decided to go shopping at Cabela’s. I think this is Tommy’s favorite store. He bought a couple of flannel shirts and a few other things. I got nothing!
On one of our prior trips to Wyoming, we had gotten off of the interstate and found this motel. We laughed and laughed about the Generic Motel. The license plates on the cars have been blurred to protect the guilty who were at a place called the Generic Motel in the middle of the day. :)

When we got to the Wyoming state line we pulled in to the A&W Root Beer place in Pine Bluff. I wanted a Root Beer Float–yummy! As we pulled around the back to the drive through we saw this truck. Look at those tree trunks. There were actually three pieces on this trailer. The middle one was a burl which probably measured eight feet across. These pieces of wood were massive.
Wyoming dandelions are pretty, aren’t they?

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