Father’s Day at the Lake

Tommy, Bubba and I were invited to Anne and Cleg’s for Father’s Day Brunch. Anne served us Breakfast Bowls (see Anne’s blog Always, Always Cooking for the recipe) and orange juice and Amaretto. Yummy! After eating we gathered up the dogs and took a boat ride. It was really nice as long as I was under the canopy and the boat was moving.

This barn is on the way to Anne and Cleg’s. I’ve been wanting to stop and take pictures of it but hadn’t taken the opportunity. With so many old buildings and barns being demolished I decided I’d better take a picture while I could. Tommy agreed and we stopped. Unfortunately, this barn is right on a very busy road. I walked across the road to take the picture but really couldn’t get the right angle on it.

Tommy and Bubba enjoying the boat ride.

Gracie has to wear a life vest because she has been known to go swimming after the geese. Word is that she would swim and swim and swim to try and catch them.It’s really hard to get a good picture of Gracie but I think this is a keeper.

Cleg drove us up to the Highway 53 bridge which is the home to an osprey nest. Those are pretty big birds. We were able to see one baby in the nest. I could have gotten a better shot if Cleg had been able to hold the boat still. :) Seriously, it was darned near impossible to get a focus on the bird/nest as the boat was moving constantly.

When we got back we sat out on the deck. It was so hot–yuck. But we did walk around so I could take some pictures of the flowers in Anne’s yard. The above daylily was my favorite.

A pleasant visit with some great family!


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