From the past couple of days…

This little girl was sitting in the dogwood tree waiting for her turn at the feeder.DSC_4645-2

What can I say about this one?


Another hummingbird:  DSC_4653-3

This past Wednesday Tommy, Bubba and I went up to the Parkway. It was a very foggy morning and we thought we’d have the road to ourselves since school around here started. We were wrong. There were lots of motorcycles and some cars. One of the first pull offs we get to when we’re on the Parkway is at Devil’s Courthouse. This is where my favorite tree is. I don’t know what it is about this tree but I have to take a picture of it in any type of weather or lighting. Cool, huh?


Our destination for the day was the Cradle of Forestry. They have two different trails—both about a mile each—that we enjoyed.

DSC_4724-2 DSC_4748-2  DSC_4783-2DSC_4763-2

When we got to the end of the second trail we took a shortcut to the parking lot. As you can see, Bubba got on one side of this big pipe and Tommy was on the other side. Want to guess who won that tug-of-war?


It was an enjoyable day. And to make it even better, Anne and Cleg came up that day and spent a couple of days with us.

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