Gracie and her family came to visit us for a few days. For those of you who don’t know Gracie’s story, she showed up at our door five or six years ago. She and another dog came up to the house looking for food. We gave them a little and they ran away. Neither of them had collars on or any identifying tags. Tommy and I thought that they had probably gone on and found another place from which to get their food. Gracie did show back up but she was by herself the next time. She kept going around to the sliding doors and looking in. We had thought about taking her to the humane society, but Hall (who was at Brevard College) wouldn’t hear of it. Not knowing how we could take care of three dogs—we had Beau and Sam at the time—we went ahead and decided to take her home with us. When we got home, we were able to convince Anne and Cleg that George needed a playmate. So she went to them and has become very much a “mommy’s girl”. She has such a beautiful black coat and looks like a miniature black lab. At first we thought she was a puppy but she hasn’t grown at all. Gracie also doesn’t like to have her picture taken. When I’d put the camera up to my face, she would get nervous. Here’s what I got:


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  1. We have had Gracie 7 years….the last pic is great & shows how beautiful she is! Thanks for your persistence!

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