I Forgot to Remember to Forget

On Friday night, Tommy and I attended a Homecoming party for Georgia Tech Kappa Sigs. It’s always fun to talk with some of these guys that attended GT with Tommy.

My cousin Sue and I went with the photography club on Saturday to Anna Ruby Falls. I had never been there before. While the area was pretty, we’ve got more spectacular falls around Brevard. I was really disappointed that we did not see much in the way of Fall colors. I did enjoy spending the day with Sue though.
We stopped on the way home (just outside Helen) to take some pictures of a pretty little church. Across the road was a field of cows. I don’t think Sue needs to quit her day job, but if she does she might be able to get a job calling cows! :) She started calling to them and a bunch of them came right up to the barbed wire fence where we were standing. Here’s my favorite:

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