I Love High School Football!

Hall’s, Amanda’s and Tommy’s alma mater, the Darlington Tigers, played in the semi-finals of the State football championships last night. So Tommy and I decided to go up for the game.

We left home early and went to Schroeder’s for a bite to eat (a must when in Rome). When we walked in we saw Michael and Marie, Amanda’s good friends. After inviting ourselves to join them we caught up with them while enjoying some pizza and fried mushrooms. Yummy!

While I am still much more of a soccer fan, I absolutely love high school football. It must be the fact that so many people of the community get involved in it.

This was as far into the playoffs that Darlington has gone since 1998 (Amanda’s senior year) when they won State. Last night Darlington hosted Savannah Christian who had nearly as many fans as the home team. I’m glad I didn’t have to get back on a bus and ride to Savannah last night. However, it was a happy trip for them. Unfortunately Darlington lost 24-10. Well, there’s always next year. :) And, with only losing 7 seniors and a quarterback who is a freshman this year, things could be good in 2010.

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