I Love This Country

Tommy and I realize that we are fortunate enough to take time to travel back roads of this wonderful country. It’s amazing what you find when you get off of the interstates. Even when we drive some of the same roads we find new and different things to see. People are just so darn creative. :) What you can’t see from either of these two pictures is the bear at the steering wheel and the pig or bear coming out from under the truck at the driver’s side wheel well. Those are begonias in the back of the truck and pumpkins growing all around it.
DSC_6880-3 DSC_6890-2-1
As we were headed back into town to go to the grocery store, we saw this. We had to turn around and go back because how many times have you ever seen a llama as a caddy? If you’re in the need of one of these, check them out at www.llamacaddy.com.
The real reason we headed out on this particular drive was to find a covered bridge in the Dupont State Forest. You can see it way at the top of these High Falls. To get the proper perspective of how tall these falls are, check out the people at the bottom.

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