I’ll Follow the Sun

We received good news from the doctor last week. The results of my latest MRI showed no significant change–YAY! We expected the best news would be this with another scan due in 6 months. Nope–I don’t have to have another for 12 months. YAY!

Since we’ve not been able to spend any time in BG this fall, we decided to spend a couple of weeks here at Thanksgiving time. Yesterday Hall came up and spent the night with us. We walked down to the river to take some pictures. None of my river pictures looked any good, but I thought you might enjoy this picture of the BG valley. It’s amazing how different it looks from down at the river. We were supposed to get some snow flurries last night/this morning but did not get any. They are forecast for tonight as well. I was really hoping to have some snow pictures to compare to our O’Toole buddies’ snow shots!

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  1. Hey, there! I’m down here trying to stay warm w/a wimpy fireplace! :-) We’re back online! (don’t jinx me, though!) I am just hanging around, trying to catch up on paperwork … always trying to catch up! I’ll call you from Sue’s daughter’s wedding this weekend! Have a super week!

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