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  1. Ooooh–I LOVE the early striped croci…so pretty! We have some daffies getting ready to bloom–well, a few hundred feet lower than me, but spring is definitely on the way.

  2. I probably shouldn’t be so un-gracious (since it’s BEAUTIFUL out right now!) but this is my least favorite time of year. All through February and probably half of March, you never know whether to get out the flip flops and tank tops or the winter coat. Drives me bonkers. But it looks like the plants in your neck of the woods have decided! Very, very pretty!

  3. interesting bloom – and I hate it when Spring is lured out prematurely only to be quashed by a snow. So far we’ve had but a spoon full of snowfall and it would be just our luck that as soon as the daffodils came out we’d get a cold front. But I have to say that the mid-60s in January is equally unnerving.

  4. After a week of rain and cold and frozen mix last week, our temps are back in the mid-60’s today (and forecasted for the rest of the week as well).

    This is a lovely capture. :)

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