It’s been crazy busy the last two weeks.

In a moment of weakness (and I just happened to be bored at the time) I told my friend Tony that I would go to work for him as his Office Manager/Registrar for his soccer club. While I really do enjoy the work—what was I thinking? I just happened to start to work at the busiest time of year for youth soccer–tryouts and registration.

Amanda, Evan, Moose and Molly came to town for a very short time before they headed to Balsam Grove. While they were here we had family over for dinner and really surprised her grandmother who wasn’t told of Amanda and Evan’s arrival. We decided to try to get a group shot of us all, but you can’t imagine how difficult it is to get 5 dogs and 8 people (I was on the back side of the camera) still for longer than two seconds!

Moose drool! Look closely at the second picture of Moose, you can barely see that the drool hangs all the way down to just below the chair. Pretty impressive and he doesn’t have a clue. Another Moose picture:

And if you pay any attention at all to Moose, you have to pay more to Molly:

Not to be outdone by the bassets, Bubba had to show his goofiness:

Over the weekend I drove up to Balsam Grove to spend a little bit of time with the kids. Amanda and I drove to town on Saturday and did a bit of shopping and had a great lunch.

On Sunday morning before I headed back home we took Amanda, Evan and the dogs to show them Courthouse Falls. It was beautiful!

And what would a post be without some flowers?



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  1. Kerry, those falls are stunning! Wonderful shot. I love your bassets–we used to have one and he was such a character. I laughed at the MooseDrool–soooo typical.

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