I’ve Got a Feeling

Hall has a new job and has moved to Greenville. Tommy and I drove to Greenville yesterday and dropped off some things at the new apartment. Then Tommy and Bubba drove up to Balsam Grove. Hall and I went to WalMart to get some things he needed and then followed the boys to Balsam Grove. Since Hall still had some things at Scott’s house he went into Brevard, packed up and drove back to Greenville. This morning Tommy, Bubba and I went back to Greenville to drop off Hall’s washer and dryer and a desk. Sara came by with lunch–yummy BBQ!
And, look what I found growing all by itself in the back yard (is it the front yard??) in Balsam Grove! This is the prettiest Turk’s Cap Lily that I have ever seen. We’ve never seen one on the property in BG before it was the only one.

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