January 13, 2018

Amanda, Evan and Miss B were supposed to have flown to Atlanta on Wednesday. Amanda was going to work Career Day at Darlington on Friday. Unfortunately, Miss B got sick at school on Monday. She was vomiting and running a fever. We were all hoping it was a 24 hour bug. But, as things happen, whatever she had–the flu–was passed on to her mom and dad. So they had to cancel their trip.

I had ordered tickets for Amanda, Evan, Miss B, Hall and me to go to the Georgia Aquarium while they were here. Hall and I decided to go ahead without them. Then we found out that Molly would be in town and would be coming with us. Yay! We got there about 9:45 Saturday morning. I had booked their Behind the Seas Tour for 10:30. We walked around until it was time for the tour. We actually got to watch the whale sharks being fed. Nature in all its many forms is pretty amazing.




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