January – a Birthday Month

What a month for birthdays!
Jan 1 – Joe (my favorite nephew!! and the first baby of 1975 in Smyrna)
Jan 8 – Kennedy (my long time friend and for whom Amanda Kennedy was named)
Jan 8 – Bubba (the goofiest beagle ever)
Jan 12 – Anne (a very special sister-in-law who taught me to play Mahjongg)
Jan 22 – Abigail (my niece who surely can’t be 25!)
Jan 23 – Ed (my father-in-law who is now 92–WOW!)
Jan 25 – Amanda (if Abigail is now 25 that must mean Amanda will be 29. It is so hard for me to believe that I am old enough to have a daughter that is 29.)

We had a late lunch at Doris’ and Ed’s house today to celebrate the big birthday. We had a full turkey dinner with everything but the cranberry sauce. Yummy!

Here’s the birthday boy at 92:

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