Last Trip of the Season

Five days off from work, and goodness knows I need the break, we decided to take a last summer trip of the year to NC. It is just delightful up here. One morning we woke up to temperatures in the 60’s. I had to run into town one day to pick up a shower curtain liner and another hummingbird feeder and it was warm hot down there.

We took a drive on the Parkway and went up to the Pisgah Inn. They have the most gorgeous Mountain Ash trees. They seem to be more vibrant this year than last.

As I was looking around this tree to find a branch that was in the sun, not in the wind and had good bright berries, I turned around and found a pine that was full of pinecones.

4That afternoon we sat on the deck and watched all the hummingbirds fight for the feeders. They can be vicious little things–but so beautiful!

The day I drove into town I noticed a field where someone plants poppies that bloom in May. It is quite gorgeous when the red poppies are blooming with blue batchelor’s buttons blooming amongst them. This time there were lots and lots of orange flower (Tommy thinks they may be a type of poppy) with purple, pink and white flowers intermixed. I convinced Tommy to take me down there one morning so I could get some shots.

While I was shooting all these very pretty flowers, Tommy found this:

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  1. Look at the detail on that grasshopper! He certainly posed nicely for you. I’d love to see that field full of cosmos. Even that orange one is a cosmos–it’s a newer variety.

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