Let it Snow…or Christmas 2011

When we travel, Tommy and I are always on the lookout for photo ops. Sometimes what we see is on the opposite side of the highway from us and sometimes we’re just in a hurry to get somewhere. But, we try to jot down what we saw and where we saw it. That way when we travel the same route we can, hopefully, stop and take pictures.

On our first day of driving we stopped (along side I24) to take some pictures of this old homestead. It looks like it was probably a pretty nice place at one time!





















When we got to St. Louis, the city was in the fog as was the Arch.

I’ve been looking for a red barn and found this one. But still not what I have pictured in my head. I think the cow thought I was crazy stopping along the side of the road to take the picture.

I love this old church on I80 in Nebraska. Just wish I could get up close to it. Unfortunately, the grounds on which it stands are gated and locked.

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