Let it Snow…The End of our Trip

Time to go home. I tried to talk Tommy into staying in Laramie permanently, but he said no. So we got up early and hit the road. I sure will miss the Wyoming skies.

I asked Tommy when he was growing up if he realized how big the sky really is. With so many trees around where we live, you just don’t get to see the wide open skies like out west.

This is the Great Platte River Road Archway Monument. It’s a museum that goes across I80 in the middle of Nebraska–pretty cool!

The rest of the trip home was pretty uneventful. We stopped for a train and a few barns. The one place I’d really like to have stopped and gotten some pictures was Cairo, Illinois. This is the area that was flooded back during the Spring/Summer. At one time Cairo was a thriving city and you can tell by the number of really large houses there. Unfortunately it has fallen upon hard times. We weren’t able to stop for photos though as it was nearly dark.

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  1. That first shot is nothing short of breath-taking. I am drawn to barns and love when I get to be a passenger with a camera and snap pictures as we pass them on trips (which seems funny since we don’t especially live in a big city and have barns all around – but I do love them). Happy New Years Kerry!

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