Well, we had enough of the heat and traffic of home and decided to return to the mountains. We got to Balsam Grove around 1:30 today and it was in the mid 70’s. Lovely weather!

As we were enjoying a dinner on the deck, Bubba got stung by one or two yellowjackets. If it wasn’t so pitiful it would have been funny watching him. Poor thing ran in circles crying. After a few minutes of that he would go lay down. Then all of a sudden he’d get up and start chewing/scratching where he was stung and go a little wild. I finally gave him a Benadryl and he is snoozing now.

Yesterday I got some good news–my cholesterol has dropped quite a bit. I guess that goes with the weight I’ve lost.

Here’s a picture from last week when Anne, Cleg, George and Gracie came and visited:

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