More from St. Augustine

These trees lined the road just outside of the Fountain of Youth park in St. Augustine. I thought that they were simply beautiful until Tommy started talking about chiggers!

St. Augustine has some of the most beautiful buildings including the Cathedral of St. Augustine:

After visiting the museum and the cathedral in the middle of town, we went to the lighthouse. Tommy, Amanda and Evan all climbed up to the top.

Being afraid of heights, I did not make the climb. Here’s my point of view of the lighthouse (looking up):

I was a bit disappointed in the lighthouse. Not the building itself, but the surrounding area. My idea of a lighthouse is that it should be at a point on the beach by itself with nothing else around. That was not true here. There was not enough space to back up and get a better perspective of the lighthouse, so all of the pictures I took are pretty much just looking up.

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