On the way to town…

we kept seeing big piles of poo in the road. We also saw marks on the road that we weren’t quite sure what they’d come from. About the time we both said horses/wagons, we caught up with them. Of course we had to stop and take pictures. While I was doing that Tommy was talking to one of the guys who said they knew where they’d started from but didn’t know where they were going.

We finally got to town for the annual Arts & Crafts festival and the Antique Car Show. I was disappointed in the Arts & Crafts festival as it seemed that probably 80% of the booths had jewelry. I did find a booth that had some gorgeous photographs. Whenever I see someone’s photos like this guy’s I want to ask if I can tag along and learn from them. I also bought a pottery deviled egg plate.

This last photo brought back memories of my brother and high school. I really don’t remember the particulars about this, but Terry had a bug like this one (I think it was lighter a bit in color) that he loaned to me to drive to school. Ours was minus the suitcases, sled and funny stuff on the hood though.

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  1. What a fun “parade” to happen upon! I love the look on the driver’s face in the first shot; it says it all. The enlongated grill on the tan car is a great shot–love the lines in it. And, I know what you mean about the art/jewelry shows. It is either jewelry or pottery…sigh.

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