Road Trip – Day 11, Part 2, Saturday, July 26

Hooray for Evan! He finished 4th in his age group and 28th overall (from 350 participants)! He finished in 6 hours and 23 seconds–beating his previous record by about 30 minutes. He looks pretty happy, doesn’t he? And, don’t you love his hair?

Rumor has it that his Pit Crew will be wearing special t-shirts next year. We all enjoyed the day very much. Julian and Sue bought sandwiches for all of us in town and then met us at the end of the race.
When we got home, we took Seamus for a walk around Huck Finn Pond–this is the small lake in the park across the street from Amanda’s and Evan’s house.
Seamus has started swimming in the lake whenever he can. But he sure does stink when he gets out!

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