Road Trip – Day 6, Part 2, Monday, July 21

When I was 10 or 11 (really don’t remember) my dad and I went to Steamboat Springs. Being the “city” girl that I was, evidently I didn’t have the appropriate clothes for spending time on a ranch. So Dad and Aunt Ellie took me into town to buy me some jeans at the western store, F. M. Light.
Here’s Uncle Don’s house. Steamboat Springs is a beautiful town–except for all of the condos/apartments going up for the skiing crowd. It is no longer the old cow town that I so fondly remember. As I’ve said several times, another era is passing. Vikki told us that there are few family ranchers there now. So, I think I’ll just keep remembering it as it was when I was there at 10 or 11 years old.
On our way home from Steamboat, we stopped in Walden when Amanda saw this sign. Of course we had to have a picture of it.Also on our way home, Tommy wanted to stop at the beginning of the Rails to Trails to find some “souvenirs” from the old railbed. As we were walking and looking we heard this really loud “moo” on one side of the road. There were answering “moos” from the other side. This brown cow evidently was looking for the rest of the party. She came up on the road and stood and looked at us before going on her way.

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