Southeastern Train Museum

I attended a photography workshop yesterday at the Southeastern Train Museum. It was put on by a man from whom I’ve taken several classes/workshops. Every time I work with him I learn something new. The workshop was geared towards shooting HDR (high dynamic range). In other words, to take a shot (or series of shots) where you meter for the highlights and for the shadows. This way you can combine the shots and have details in them both–think bright sky and dark shadows. While I’ve known to check my histogram on the camera, I think I learned more of what the histogram shows. All-in-all, a great several hours!

Here are some pictures from the workshop. I really had fun with the processing on them.

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  1. Kerry, your rr museum is SO much better than ours—almost all the “rolling stock” they have is rusted beyond belief, and past photogenic and into junk. I like the shot of the vine growing near the springs on the undercarriage; Nature always finds a way! I scrolled through some of the more recent entries–i LOVE the way you see things.

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