Such a lovely day!

We decided to go for a ride today. The weather forecast was good, so we headed up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. But first before we started out, I had to hang out the wash. Tommy put up a clothes line for me so that we could enjoy the smell of fresh, clean sheets. It brings back so many memories.

I finally caught a hummingbird at the feeder. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my longer zoom lens on the camera so it’s not as close as I’d hoped.

Just a random horse not too far from the house.

This shot was taken from the Parkway. There is one spot that gives you a view of the Biltmore House, but there is no overlook to pull into. So, we stopped in the middle of the road. If you look really hard out in the distance you can see the Biltmore.

A picture of a lovely field of yellow dandelions! It really was pretty.

It’s a cool 76 degrees here now. I think we’ll enjoy our dinner of smoked ribs, hash brown potatoes and fresh green beans out on the deck.

A thoroughly enjoyable day. :)

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