The North Georgia Photography Shootout

The idea for this shootout is something our photography club came up with five years ago. Clubs from around North Georgia gather together on a day in the Fall and shoot. One club is the host and among other things, come up with the five topics that all of the photographer will shoot. Each club divides into five teams and each time gets a topic. After several hours of taking pictures, everyone comes back together and each team picks ten of their best photos to submit. After a couple of hours all of the images are given to the invited judges to come up with the overall best ten for each topic. Points are awarded for placing in the top ten, but only the top three places receive prizes. The total points are accumulated and the club with the most points wins the day. Our club was going in hoping to win a threepeat. Sadly, we didn’t do too well.

But it was a fun day and I thoroughly enjoyed spending a whole day with my cousin Sue. Here are a few of my shots from the day — topic being Uneven. Now I will have to say that unless it’s a subject that I would normally like to photograph, I’m not very good at this type of thing. Once again, I go out with my camera for the sheer enjoyment and normally take pictures of what I like. :)

My cousin caught me in the act!

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