Well that was a quick trip.

We planned on spending a few days in BG and drove up today. We really needed to check on the house after all the cold and snow. We saw snow on the road going into BG, but there wasn’t much…….until we got to our road. The bridge over the river hadn’t been cleared, but had been driven on. We didn’t get much farther than the far side of the bridge. There was probably 6+ inches of snow on top of the frozen ground. There was no way we were going to be able to drive up to the house. There was no sign that either Albert or Cleon had gone up the road. So Tommy, Bubba and I walked up to the house to make sure everything was OK there. It was. But, since we couldn’t get our supplies up to the house we turned around and came back home. :(

Headed up.
The snow on the deck.
Going back down the hill. It was pretty slippery especially for me in my tennis shoes!
Before we left this morning I went outside and tried out my new lens. 
This cardinal was gracious enough to sit still for me.

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