We’ve Come to Florida

This is a trip I really wish that we weren’t having to make. It’s time for Terry’s memorial. It will be on Saturday. Amanda and Evan had said that they wanted to come but would like to spend a few days extra here. So we came down yesterday and picked them up at the airport this morning around 9:00. Here are some pictures from our trip down yesterday (only a couple) and some from today:

We saw lots of fields just full of cotton. Luckily for me some of the cotton had not yet been picked! Tommy is so patient with me. He almost always will pull off the road so I can take some pictures.

We were stopped in a little town in south Georgia (believe it was Adel) and saw this sign. Tommy grabbed the camera and quickly took the picture. I’m thinking of sending this to Fox News. :)

Wyoming comes to the beach!

I’m not sure if they were hollering at each other or at me!

Here’s Amanda practicing to be a Hawaiian princess. I think her pullover gives her away though. What do you think?

A typical beach scene.

After we ate dinner we headed down to the beach to walk back to the truck. The moon was beautiful over the ocean.

Tomorrow we’re going to St. Augustine. I’m really looking forward to going there. Look for more pictures soon.

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