What a Winter it must have been.

As I had mentioned in an earlier post, we had planned to spend some time in BG in March. Unfortunately, when we got here we were unable to get up the road to the house. So we turned right around and went back home and waited for warmer weather to thaw the snow and ice on the road. On Monday we tried again. Yay! We made it up the road. While we were able to get to the house we were greeted with tree limbs all over the road and two leaking pipes when the water was turned on. Tommy’s first day was taken up with dealing with those things. Then on Wednesday we had to take some trees down. Now we don’t have to worry about those trees coming down in a storm and hitting the house. The good thing about having the trees taken down is it has opened up our view from the back deck.

The first two pictures are the guys getting ready to cut the trees. The guy in the first picture was only about half way up the 110 foot tree. The next two pictures are of that tree falling. And the last two are the before and after pictures of the same view from the deck. Now we have lots of pine to get rid of.

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