Wyoming Christmas & Boy or Girl?

We were invited (or did we invite ourselves??) to Wyoming for Christmas again. Of course, I always jump at a chance to visit Wyoming and the kids are so much fun to be with. This year was going to be even more exciting as we were going out a bit early to be with Amanda and Evan when they found out if Camper (the baby’s nickname for now) was a boy or girl.

Some photos from along the way:

As we were heading west on I80 we saw a bald eagle. He, or she, was sitting so elegantly on a branch in a tree and we pretty much all saw it at the same time. His white head really stood out. We drove past it and then Tommy turned around so we could go back and take some pictures. Unfortunately, as soon as we stopped on the side of the road and rolled the windows down, he took off. I really am thrilled when we’re able to see these eagles!

I love this old, old church on I80. Sure wish we could get up close to it to take some pictures.

When we got to Cheyenne, we saw this sign. Not too far down the road we saw the following sign. Guess they really meant it! :)

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