Wyoming Christmas – Going Home

We had a wonderful time with the kids while we were in Wyoming, but we had to go home. The drive home is always the worst part of our road trips. No more excitement about going on vacation, seeing the kids and celebrating Christmas. Luckily we had no problem with the weather–the drive was uneventful, which I guess is a good thing. Some pictures I took along the way:

One of the things I love the most about Wyoming and, in this case, Nebraska is the beautiful sky. The above two pictures were both taken as we were driving 80 on 80!

We had stopped at this gas station on the way out to Laramie, but hadn’t taken a picture. We made sure to stop back there on the way home so we could get a picture of the sign. And, yes, they do have “CLASSY RESTROOMS”! So if you are driving through Nebraska and need a bathroom, make sure to stop at the Shell station in Ogalalla!

One of the competition topics this year for my photography club is “Gates & Fences”. This is one side of a gate to a field that runs along I80. The other side was similar, but I couldn’t get back far enough to get both sides together.

We saw this old church as we were driving to Wyoming but didn’t want to stop. So we marked in our book what the milepost was so we could stop on the way home. We got off I80 to drive up to the church, which appeared to be part of a collection of pioneer-era building. Unfortunately, the road to these buildings was roped off. I made Tommy stop on the side of the interstate so I could take some shots. This was actually taken across both sides of the highway.

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