You Really Got a Hold on Me

Our Turkey Day plans included visiting one more waterfall. Our route took us up to the Blue Ridge Parkway and then down Hwy. 276. It was a beautiful day for hiking 2-3 miles to find Log Hollow Falls. There were actually two different falls–the first one being Log Hollow Branch and the second one is not named, at least from what we can find. It was warm as long as we were in the sunshine, but when we got into the shade it was pretty chilly.

Looking Glass Rock seen from the Parkway.

Log Hollow Branch Falls:

Bubba and Tommy on part of the trail between the two falls.

The no-named falls.

As we were heading back out, I happened to look down and find this lone flower. It must be pretty hardy to still be blooming.

A variety of milkweed. Butterflies lay their eggs on these plants.

The directions we have found on the internet don’t always help us that much. Either they give us the mileage from a certain point and the odometer in the truck doesn’t work (it works sometimes) or they say walk 7-10 minutes. I can guarantee you that Tommy and Bubba can cover twice the distance I can in the same amount of time. So finding some of these falls hasn’t been really easy.

This is Cathey’s Creek Falls. We drove past the trail for these falls and had to turn around and go back. Along the way, we stopped and asked an old fellow where the trail was. He pointed just up the road a bit and said, “It’s a really steep trail down to the falls.” He was right. Tommy estimated that the drop down was about 100 feet. I didn’t whine or cry once! :)

Here’s a flat portion of the trail. You can just barely see Tommy up ahead of me.

I just can’t do justice to see these falls. I couldn’t get back enough to get more of the surroundings in the picture, but I can assure you the area was really pretty.

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