2018 Harvest Road Trip – Day 5

Monday, October 1, 2018

We were going to go to Aspen Alley and we were hoping that the colors would be good. These were some of the scenes we saw driving out there.

The colors were good to that point, we hoped our luck would hold out. Except for the fact that the larger trees appear to be dying back, it was everything I hoped for–beautiful!

Aspen Alley

We drove past Aspen Alley for a few miles and the color we saw–wow!

We headed back home and saw lots of color all around. We found a church in Encampment.

Saw the Ryan fire flaring up. After having seen areas where trees had been burned, it was kind of scary to think we were that close, although I was told we we about 15-20 miles away.

The Little Laramie River:

By the time we got home I was overwhelmed with the beauty we had seen. A thoroughly wonderful, beautiful day!


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