2018 Harvest Road Trip – Day 4

Monday, September 30, 2018

We left the hotel at 9:25 AM. It was 47 degrees with light rain. We were afraid if the weather didn’t improve dramatically, we wouldn’t be seeing any corn or bean picking.

We weren’t on the road very long before Tommy slammed on the brakes and put the truck in reverse. I always know that means that there is something interesting to see. These were found in Oconto, NE.

When we saw a lot of this, we decided to call Amanda and ask if it would be OK if we showed up to their place early.

We then drove north of Lake McConaughy but didn’t stop at this rest area. :)

We found a grain elevator, a church and a field of sorghum.

The weather didn’t improve as we were driving over the summit from Cheyenne to Laramie.

When we got into Laramie at 5:45 PM, the fog had cleared and it was partly cloudy at 71 degrees. Amanda had to work so we went with Evan and Miss B to Born in a Barn for dinner. On the way there Evan told us they’d had some pretty amazing sunsets due to the clouds from the fires. Sure enough, as we were sitting in the restaurant the sky/sun was awesome. Unfortunately, my good camera was back at the office.

Total miles driven – 2,040

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