2018 Harvest Road Trip – Day 3

Saturday, September 29, 2018

We left the hotel at 9:35. It was a chilly 45 degrees, gray and chilly. Before leaving town we got gas, ice and breakfast. Then we headed out to, hopefully, find some harvesting.

Wakonda, SD
Pleasant Valley Lutheran Church, Vermillion, SD
Beresford, SD

Just across the road, GPS said these guys picking corn were in Wakonda, SD. As Tommy said, the line has to stop/end somewhere. In both the combine and the wagon, there were some young (probably around 12 years old) kids. I guess they were learning the family business.

Sometimes we would follow it, sometimes we would cross it.

The Missouri River
Wausa, NE

I’m not sure if this is a working church as there was no sign around it. It sure is pretty.

Magnet, NE

We haven’t stopped for many grain elevators this year, but liked this one.

McLean, NE

As we headed towards Kearney where we would spend the night we found a lot of churches!

I really want to go inside this church:

St. Mary’s Cathedral, Grand Island, NE

We finished the day at 6:45 PM at the LaQuinta in Kearney. We got KFC for dinner before checking into the hotel.

1,596 miles driven

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