2018 Road Trip – Day 19

Tuesday, August 21

We’d already been out Highway 230 to Woods Landing and Highway 130 to the Snowy Range so what was next? Sand Creek Road! Once we got on the dirt road we saw that the weather didn’t look too good where we were headed.

But just a few minutes down the road we saw an eagle and decided to keep going for as long as we could.

I remember when we first started traveling out west I loved seeing the windmills. I still do but I don’t get many pictures of them anymore.

Another eagle! :)

We were headed to Camel Rock but when we saw a bolt of lightning (probably the most impressive one I’ve ever seen), we turned around.

Tommy was impressed with this fence.

I was impressed with this sky.

Almost back to the main road we saw this hawk.

I’ve seen this old sign for years. Each time I thought I should get a picture of it before it’s torn down. This time I did.




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