2018 Road Trip – Day 20

Wednesday, August 22

We decided to try the Sand Creek Road again since it looked like we had beautiful weather. I do love the Wyoming skies!

Hawk or juvenile eagle?

We got to Camel Rock and I just couldn’t get a good picture of it. However, I did look down the road and saw a gorgeous view.

Some more beautiful skies.

We kept driving past where we had stopped in the past. Eventually we found that we were going in a big circle. On the way we saw this longhorn with the funny horns.

And a red barn. :)

We circled on around and came out at Woods Landing. We planned on heading back to Laramie but saw a road that we had never driven before. So we turned. This is a picture of more of the damage from the Badger Creek fire.

What a great day it was!

At dinner, the girls showed us how they could curl their tongues. :)


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