2018 Road Trip – Day 2

Saturday, August 4

We “planned” this trip with no plan except to be in Laramie for Miss B’s first day of Kindergarten. So we got up and had to make a decision of which direction to go. We decided to go north in Missouri into Iowa.

Summer must be a busy time for road repair. Several times we had to take detours because the roads we were on were closed. When we got to the town of Marshalltown, somehow we got turned around. As we circled around and around we saw a lot of destruction all over from a tornado that hit on July 19.

Our day started out right when we found a little cafe in Ewing, MO, to get our breakfast.

Then on to searching for barns, churches or whatever caught our eye.

Just a few minutes down the road, we came to this barn:


A lot of the counties we’ve been through in the midwest have beautiful courthouses, like this one in Bloomfield, IA.


Another barn–I absolutely love this one–in Eddyville, IA.

Such a peaceful setting.

We got to the Baymont Inn in Ft. Dodge, IA, at 6:00 PM. We ordered pizza from the Pizza Ranch and had it delivered.

1087 miles driven

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