2018 Road Trip – Day 3

Sunday, August 5

We left the hotel at 9:05 AM, got breakfast at McDonald’s, gas and ice. I was really looking forward to the day as we would be traveling where we hadn’t been before.We headed west on US20. Not long after we got on the road the skies looked ominous. The good thing (or bad in some cases) is that you can see a long way there. I have never seen skies like these in person. It was incredible!

Although the clouds lifted some, it still rained a bit off and on. Even the sheep were trying to hide from the rain.

We drove into Pomeroy, IA, and found this old bank building and this other building which we have no clue as to what its purpose was.

Just a bit outside of town we found this quilt barn.

And what luck! As we were turning around after seeing the barn on the left, we saw another quilt barn. What a great day it was turning out to be.

And another quilt barn and a grain elevator–great day for photos and it wasn’t even lunchtime yet.

We stopped at a roadside park in Rock Rapids, IA for a picnic lunch. In the park was the First Reinforced Concrete Bridge in the United States. I tell ya, you just can’t find stuff like this flying in planes or driving interstates!

On our way out of Rock Rapids we found two churches.

At 2:00 PM we entered into Minnesota and almost immediately found a grain elevator.

We got to South Dakota at 3:30 PM and made reservations at the Quality Inn in Huron. Before we got to Huron, we found a car for sale and thought of Marc. We sent him a photo of it but I guess he wasn’t impressed or maybe he has enough cars.

We got to our hotel around 5:00 PM. Tommy went to get our dinner at the Ground Rounder next to the hospital. The burgers were overcooked otherwise they would have been good.

1454 miles driven.

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