2018 Road Trip – Day 4

Monday, August 6

This is the day I had been waiting for! Sunflowers! We left the hotel at 9:05 AM, got gas, ice and breakfast. It was perfect weather for taking pictures–69 degrees and cloudy. We had a fairly short distance to go to our next stop. While we had not really planned the road trip, we had always known that we would be going to go to Pierre and staying at the Clubhouse Inn. The direct route from Huron to Pierre is only about 115 miles. We did not go directly there as we were looking for fields of sunflowers. Along the way, we saw:

Wessington, SD

Our first sighting of a sunflower field was in Gettysburg, SD.

We left this field because we couldn’t get up close to the flowers. So we drove on. We didn’t just see sunflowers, but lots of hay and a grain elevator here and there.

Then, more sunflowers as we got closer to Pierre:

We got to the Clubhouse Inn in Pierre at 3:30 PM. Tommy did our laundry and we ordered dinner from the restaurant next to the hotel. We had plans to go somewhere to see a sunset but a storm came through and washed away those plans.

1700 miles driven.

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