A Week of Snow

Last weekend we were anticipating our first snowfall of the season. The forecast was calling for 2-4″ by Monday morning. This was one of the few times that our forecast for snow was spot on. We woke up to about 4″ (at least in the front yard) on the ground. Tommy and I took Bubba for his usual morning walk. We learned while we were in Laramie that Bubba loves to run and jump in the snow so we thought he would enjoy this snow as well. He did!

This snow stayed on the ground longer than any of else can remember. There was snow still on the ground a week after it first came down. Schools here were closed for five days–unheard of! It was pretty but I’m glad I didn’t have to go out in it. And, yes, we did get to the grocery store before it came. :)

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